Residential Growth Properties



Where Do We Find These Deals?
Great deals are everywhere in today’s market. But, as you may be aware…the market participants with the best marketing, systems, and professional network secure the best deals before most people even know about them. We specialize in acquiring…

  • Off-market and pre-market deals
  • Vacant properties and fixer uppers
  • Rental properties
  • Bank-owned / REO properties
  • Handyman deals
  • Distressed properties
  • Under-valued multi-family properties

How Do We Find The Best Deals?
We’ve honed our marketing systems through nearly two decades of trial and error.  Our principals have worked at real estate startups, structured public-private partnerships, represented local development authorities and lead the infill acquisitions and development efforts for Fortune 500 companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange and large institutions.

The result of these efforts is a model that produces a predictable stream of discounted properties, off-market transactions, and other opportunistic property investments for our firm and partners.

Our Capital Partners and Investors
We’ve already done the work and made the necessary investments to generate a consistent pipeline of deeply discounted deals.  Because we come across so many great deals (30% – 50% below market value) we are able to cherry pick the best deals for our investors and joint-venture partners.  We sell the additional below-market deals to other investors seeking shovel-ready projects and we use these proceeds to credit-enhance our partner deals and create capital reserves to ensure on-target investment returns.

Real Estate Investors Looking For Rentals

If you’re a real estate investor looking for strong cash-flow rental properties or distressed properties to rehab and resell…we are happy to discuss how we can source those properties for you.  We’ll only send you properties in our portfolio that fit your criteria.

Buyers Looking For A Discounted Personal Residence

Most of the properties we sell are quickly purchased by real estate investors.  However, if you are looking for a home to live in yourself… you’re at the right place! Join our Preferred Buyers list and act fast if you see a home you like.  Because we offer these great houses at such steep discounts they do tend to sell quickly… so make sure you’re pre-qualified with your lender (we can help you with that if you’d like) before you make an offer on one of our properties.

Our success is built on a focused effort to find great deals.  We rehab or develop the majority of our properties for our own account, but we still have a sufficient number of properties we are able to offer to other buyers and investors at very favorable discounts .